Project Management with Assembla’s Andy Singleton

February 8, 2011  |  Project Management

Part 1: If you want to organize distributed software teams go talk to an expert. Andy Singleton is not only that, but he founded and runs Assembla which provides online work-spaces and tools to support the process. If you are looking to strengthen your team in this area, these videos are a must.

Part 2: Andy talks about the benefits of Agile Development and how putting the release date ahead of the feature set is central to the process. We also discuss motivating factors around social coding, test driven development and continuous build processes.

Part 3: Code management has changed a lot over the years. Hear Andy’s thoughts on that history and discover how multiple team members best contribute and combine their code. Find out how Assembla is innovating by rolling out Gerrit on demand.


  1. Good Stuff Andy — I interested in your genetic programming thoughts which you eluded to.

    Stephen : I don’t see a 4th video here which the 3rd video seems to leave off about distributed teams.

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