Project Management (II) with Assembla’s Andy Singleton

February 16, 2011  |  Miscellaneous

Part 4: How should I structure a distributed software development team? In this clip, Andy outlines how to share information and setup flexible hierarchical team structures.

Part 5: How do I scale my team? How do I find a great programmer? Andy takes programming trials to the next level and discusses with Steve the merits of evaluating candidates using real life tests and old-fashioned interviews.

Part 6: Feeding the machine. Are we moving to an age where producing requirements and designs are the new bottleneck? How can you manage this effectively and what does the future of the software development life cycle look like? Andy outlines his new ‘Beyond Scrum’ methodology.

Part 7: Room for more clouds in the sky? Andy is thinking big and wants to enable his users to scale everything in the project. Watch to find out more about what this means and what a talent cloud could look like.

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