#Hackhaven with lasers, Kinects and InPulse watches

April 11, 2011  |  Miscellaneous

If you “strongly agree” the best part the 1980′s show The A-Team was watching them locked away constructing a device from available resources, then you’ll love a hack-a-thon. To experience the thrill for myself I visited #HackHaven with Kam Lasater from SeeClickFix to see what happens when geeks and a robotics club decend on a room full of lasers, Kinects and InPulse bluetooth watches.

Wouldn’t have been a hack-a-thon if I hadn’t tried some hacking too. I duck-taped a canon T2i to the canon HSF200 to take you to another dimension (assuming you have a pair of anaglyph glasses lying around).

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