Interactees with Francisco Hui

December 13, 2011  |  Miscellaneous

Part1: Suffering from bad body language? Not anymore when you can say it with a T-shirt. Not only these shirts sure look cool, but they´ll also help you find what you´re looking for. Need a technical co-founder (who doesn’t)? Move the pin and let your top do the talking. Francisco Hui gives the story behind Interactees, how it all started from scratch, and how to tell people you´re looking for something without being needy.

Part 2: These t-shirts will help you start a conversation, but before that there is a very important step you should follow: get one! Francisco to the rescue with his website. So, the only question left: are you a small, medium or large?

Part 3: Even if I’m still using that boring shirt with a necktie, Francisco talks about the challenge of creating a different kind of clothing product, how to design with innovation and, most important of all: the process of selling something different on the market. Cool designs, bright ideas and great concepts. Time for me to really consider updating my wardrobe …

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