Finroo with Eric Yohay

February 20, 2012  |  Miscellaneous

Part 1: Behind every great product there´s a great idea, and Finroo is no exception, Eric Yohay´s dream took almost a year and a half to materialize. Finroo is a clothing brand that produces t-shirts printed in limited quantities, where each garment is numbered and custom designed by an artist. We talk about where the idea came from, entrepreneurship from a non technical founder perspective, and how to start a new business based on an innovative concept.

Part 2: What if your special, beloved t-shirt just wasn’t that special? That was the business challenge faced by Eric. He also focusses on explaining how to present commercial ideas to potential investors and
the experience of building his company in The Hatchery.

Part 3: Starting a new company on your own or with a couple of buddies? Here are five top tips from Eric Yohay, a guy who´s been there, and can give the sage advice that might just save your bacon!

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