Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Jeff Blasius (II)

April 8, 2011  |  Mobile  |  No Comments

Part 3: Launching a startup is not easy. It’s hard to intelligently scale as you grow. Jeff Blasius from SeeClickFix talks about the challenges of success and how SeeClickFix faced the different roadblocks during their ongoing rapid growth.

Part 4: In Ruby on Rails what architecture do you need to scale? Jeff talks about how to split up your webservers and implement caching to enhance performance. A must see video if you’re setting up your Rails infrastructure.

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Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Jeff Blasius

March 28, 2011  |  Featured, Mobile  |  No Comments

Part 1: SeeClickFix transforms slacker-citizen into super-citizen. You can report and fix those annoying urban blights that are common everywhere except Switzerland (or, so I’m told). But what’s under the hood? Or in technical speak, what happens when you integrate a Ruby based web application to a mobile application available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry? Jeff Blasius, CTO introduces both himself and his company.

Part 2: When developing for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry, what are the top cross-platform development tools? What are the differences and “gotchas” when developing with these systems versus developing in a native language? Jeff Blasius uses his considerable expertise to explain the different possible approaches to developing mobile application using Appcelerator and other cross-platform tools.

Guess what? Parts 3 and 4 are up!

Mobile Development: Conversations with GameChanger CTO Kiril Savino

January 13, 2011  |  Featured, Mobile  |  No Comments

Welcome to Eye & Mind! We’re happy to announce our new blog that features an interview each week with different tech personalities and entrepreneurs. Usually we’ll be posting one part at a time, but for the launch we’re rolling out all four of our series with Kiril Savino on mobile development. Enjoy, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook!

In Part 1, Kiril Savino of GameChanger, introduces himself and provides an overview of how his company provides mobile apps that replace pencil-and-paper scorekeeping for amateur sports.

Part 2 of our series: In this interview, we focus on the challenges of developing a mobile application. What are the differences between web application development and mobile development? What are the main constraints when dealing with a mobile app?

Part 3: This part of our conversation focuses on the economics of mobile app development. How much does it cost to develop an mobile application? What types of applications can be done on what kinds of budget?

Part 4: In this part we discuss how to pick the right platform. How to choose between a mobile website or a mobile app? What is easier to develop: iPhone, Android or Blackberry?